About Me

Me doing a hike in Estes Park, Colorado


My name is Spencer. I'm a software engineer living in Denver Colorado. I've spent the last nine years of my career as a full stack developer working on the web. I grew up in Buffalo NY, but recently made the move to Denver with my wife in early 2019. Currently I'm a Software Engineer at Outschool. Previously I was at Mersive Technologies as a Senior Full Stack Developer on their Solstice Cloud Product. Prior to that, I spent four years at Campus Labs (now Anthology) as a Senior Full Stack Developer working on their Engage product.

Topics I'm Interested In


I'm a huge fan of React. For the past 3 years I've leveraged this library to build robust, accessible UIs that scale.


I have been interested in GraphQL ever since Facebook announced it to the public in 2015. I've built multiple GraphQL servers from the ground up using Node.JS. Recently I've been leveraging Hasura which really helps accelerate our front end efforts.


After adopting Typescript in the beginning of 2019, the quality of code myself and my team have written has improved dramatically. I believe Typescript offers huge wins in code readability and maintainability, especially in large codebases.


In the past few years of my career I've been lucky to have the opportunity to lead development on several different projects. I've been reading books on the topic aiming to improve and make a bigger impact on the organization.

System Architecture

I've had the fortune to work with great teams that have built several greenfield projects over the years. In doing so I've gained a huge interest in understanding how the entire system works, with scalability / maintainability in front of mind.